Friday, February 15, 2013

Requested Tut - Glitter

I've received a request for this tutorial a few different here it is!

This tutorial has been adapted from Scrap Stuff By Shawna's PS Glitter Tutorial.

First you will need some glitter tiles. A lot of designers create various colors and types of glitter sheets & styles which can be used in PSP. They are zipped as a glitter page. You can find some here.

First open your glitter tile/sheet and minimize it. Set your foreground to pattern and look for your glitter sheet. Set your background to your glitter sheet or a color of your choice to mix it up a bit.

If you want to add glitter to a paper or element, open that now. 

Select your brush tool. Open your brush variance menu (I have added mine to my workspace but you can find it by customizing your workspace.)

For the brush size, select the +Square05 and change the size to 15 or a size of your choice, hardness 100, step 130 or a setting of your choice, density 100, thickness 100, rotation 0, opacity 100.

In your brush variance, change the color blend to 100, rotation 100. Set the fade rate somewhere between 95 - 100, Position jitter to 220 or play around till you get something you like, impressions per step 5.

Add a new raster layer. With your brush tool, click and drag across your paper or element or if on a blank canvas, across the canvas to your liking.

You can always play with the settings to get a different result.



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