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Welcome to Lexi Creationz Tutorials. I have been PSPing for 5+ years and have been writing tutorials for about 3 years.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on April 1st, 2012 and is my own creation. 

Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

PSP Version used: PSP9, but should work in other versions.

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP.


Tube of choice. I am using the amazing work of Zlata M, a PTU artist with PicsForDesign.com. You must purchase his work and obtain a license to use his work. You can purchase his tubes here.

PTU kit is Let's Party Collab by Purple's Kreationz and Mystical Illusionz. You can find it here

Mask 35 by Tonya's Temptations. You can download this mask here

Font of choice. I am using a free font called SNF Sketch Black Out.

Filters - Eye Candy 5 Impact Bevel
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Ok let's get started!

Open a blank transparent image, 600 x 600.

Open and minimize your mask. Open paper PK-LP-P2. Apply your mask, merge group.

Open element PK-LP-SPLAT1. Copy and paste as a new layer. Move a little up and towards the right hand corner. Duplicate, mirror and flip. Merge these two layers together and move this layer below your mask.

Open frame PK-LP-F1. Resize by 80%. Copy and paste as a new layer. Move this layer to the top.

Select all, float, defloat. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with #c21f73. Move this layer just below your frame and merge your frame and the pink layer together.

With your magic wand, click inside each frame. Selections, modify, expand by 7. Open paper PK-LP-P5. Copy and paste as a new layer. Selections, invert and press delete on your keyboard. Deselect. Move this layer below your frame layer.

Open your tube. Copy and paste as a new layer. Move your tube under your frame layer and to the far right frame. Move so your tube's face is showing in the frame. Duplicate and mirror. Arrange if necessary. For the center frame, duplicate your tube again, moving the duplicate to the center. I put the chest area of my tube in the frame to set it off. 

On your green/blue paper layer, select all, float, defloat, invert. On each tube layer press delete. Then if you have one tube overlapping into another frame area, take your eraser tool and clean it up a bit. Merge your tube layers together.

Set your foreground to #e9258b and your background to #5096c7. Set your foreground to the foreground-background gradient, linear, 0, 0.

Select the green/blue paper layer again. On your merged tube layer, add a new raster layer and fill with your gradient. Set the blend mode to Color (L).

Copy and paste your tube again. Resize as necessary. Place behind all the layers for your frames. 

Open element PK-LP-CLUBSEEN. Copy and paste as a new layer and move towards the top slightly and move the layer just below your main tube layer.

Open element PK-LP-BOTTLECAP. Resize by 60%. Copy and paste as a new layer above your frame layer. Place between frame 2 and 3. Duplicate and place this one between frame 1 and 2. See my tag for exact placement.

Open element PK-LP-RIBBON. Copy and paste as a new layer. Place towards the bottom of your frames.

Open element PK-LP-FLOWER. Resize by 60%. Copy and paste as a new layer. Move to the upper left corner of frame 1. Duplicate and move to the lower left corner of frame 2.

Open element PK-LP-RECORDPLAYER. Resize by 70%. Copy and paste as a new layer and place in the lower right side of your tag. See my tag for placement.

Open element PK-LP-MARTINI. Resize by 80%. Move to the right side of the record player.

Open element PK-LP-KISS1. Resize by 60%. Move to the upper right corner of frame 3. With your raster deform tool, turn slightly to the right.

Open element PK-LP-FAERYDUST. Copy and paste as a new layer.

Add a drop shadow to the layers of your choice. Merge visible.

With the font of your choice, type out your name. Eye Candy Gradient glow with the fat preset, width 3.00. The first color should be white, and the second color should be #e9258b.

Eye Candy 5 Impact Bevel with the following settings

Bevel Width - 27.31
Bevel Height - 27
Smoothness 100
Round corners - 0
Placement - Inside Selection
Darken Deep Areas - 0
Shade Interior - checked
Surface - None

Lighting tab should be

Direction - 94
Inclination - 74
Highlight Brightness - 80
Highlight Size - 50
Highlight Color - white
Shadow Color - #e9258b

Add your copyright and license info. 

Merge visible and save as a .png or .jpg. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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